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L-O-V-E, Hand and Foot project

Hey friends and welcome back to the blog. Today we have a really cute and cool project that you can do with your tiny human. 

If you have been coming around the blog for a while then you already know how much I love hand art projects for Amelia. But nothing and I mean nothing is cuter than putting hands and feet together for a totally new and adorable arts and crafts project. We did this project with Valentine’s Day in mind but it is so cute that it can be applied to just about any holiday. I mean who wouldn’t want a cute little picture of a tiny human’s hands and feet for mother’s day, father’s day, grandparent’s day or just because! 

This project is super easy to do. Ready, set, let’s go!

What you need:

*Paint of your choice ( washable paint)

*Paper (card stock or poster board)

*Paint brush

*Heart stickers (optional)

Okay so let’s get started. 

Step 1: Paint your tiny human’s hand or if they are old enough, let them paint their own hand in the color of their choice. ( I used Amelis’s right hand because it looks more like an “O” to me. But feel free to use the left hand)

Step 2: Gently press their hand on the paper making sure to keep the hand open so you get the smoothest hand print. Kids at this age tend to like to ball their fist or slightly close their hand. 

Step 3: Now paint your tiny human’s left foot, or if they are old enough, let them paint their own foot in the color of their choice. 

Step 4: Gently press their foot on the paper making sure to press all the toes down. Otherwise you’ll remove the foot and there will be toes missing from the paper lol. 

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the right foot. 

Step 6: While the paint is drying. Trace, decorate and cut out the letters. ( Templates are included below). 

Step 7: Glue the letters to the paper.

Step 8: Viola!  You did that Momma. Enjoy your cute little love handprint and footprint projects. Don’t forget to write the date, year and age on your kiddos project. It’s a memory you won’t ever want to forget!


Note: I did the L-O-V-E handprint and footprint project on a poster board size 9”x13”. I have included a Letter template for both the standard 8”x11” as well as the 9”x13”. If you do this craft please tag me on instagram @dental.momma and #dentalmommacrafts I’d love to see your art! 

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Until next time friends! 

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