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How to choose the best floss?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many types of floss when you walk down the dental aisle at your local grocery store or pharmacy. It’s just string right? And what about the price. Why do some cost a premium? While others seem so cheap. Well, in today’s post we will explore the types of floss available on the market. And how to pick the best one for you and your family.

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What is Floss and Why Should I Care?

First things first, what is floss anyway? I mean isn’t it just string that I slide in between my teeth when I get food like chicken or steak stuck there. The answer is yes. It is a string made of different materials used to remove not only food debris but also plaque that builds up in between the teeth where your toothbrush bristles can’t reach. And this is very important to the overall health of your gums.

Think about it like this. Would you skip taking a shower for a month and only put on clean clothes. More than likely the answer is no. In this example, the clean clothes represents brushing your teeth and skipping your shower is like not flossing. Your body will eventually become so unclean that a smell would be produced and no matter how many new, fresh and clean clothes you put on. You won’t truly be clean. That is what flossing does for your mouth. It helps to remove bacteria/plaque from between the teeth for a full and total mouth cleaning experience.

What Types of Floss are on the market?

Waxed Floss: This is more than likely the type of floss you think of when you first hear the word. This nylon string is coated with wax as the name suggests. Many dentist and hygienist like this type of floss because it is strong and somewhat resistant to breakage. The downside to this type of floss is that the wax can make it difficult to slide between teeth with tighter contacts. (Amazon link)

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Unwaxed floss: This type of floss is also made of strings of nylon. Many patients tend to like this type of floss since the wax is not present. It makes it a lot easier to slide in between the contacts of the teeth. However, beware that having wax-less floss means that it is more prone to frying and sometimes complete breakage. (Amazon link)

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Dental tape: If you have tight contacts between your teeth or your teeth are prone to shredding floss. Then this floss was made with you in mind. Tape floss is a flatter and wider type of strand. It actually reminds me more of flexible plastic like strip than a traditional piece of string. It however is amazing with its smoother surface. This floss might just make you fall in love with the idea of flossing again. The common brand name is Oral B Glide ( Amazon link)

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Super floss: This is one of my favorite flosses for those who have spaces/gaps between their teeth. It not very well known but this floss comes with traditional floss on both ends and in the middle their is a thicker, fluffy material. It has a close resemblance to yarn. This is especially great for those with dental prosthetics like bridges that can trap food debris underneath. The best part is that it comes with a threader already attached to one end. So using it is “super” easy! Common brand name: Oral B super floss ( Amazon link)

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Floss holder: Though this is not technically a type of floss material. It is an available option to floss with. Typically come in a ‘Y’ shape and a string of floss can be added between the prongs. They also come pre-strung or ready made. These are usually called Floss Picks. The most common store brand are Plackers ( Amazon link). This is my favorite on the go or while at work floss. Much better for your gums than using a toothpick and a little easier to use and perhaps a bit more hygienic than rolling string around your fingers when at work. Plackers also makes a pick with tape floss ( Amazon link) and kid friendly pick ( Amazon link)

Now this doesn’t replace traditional floss. I still believe that is best because it adapts to the tooth surface much better for a more efficient clean! But in a pinch it’s great!

The Best Floss for You and Your Family Is the One You’ll Actually Use.

-Hygienus Thought

Choosing The Best Floss For You

Now that you’re familiar with the different types of floss. Let’s go back to our main question. How to choose the best floss. Can I be honest here guys. The truth is it really depends on your personal needs. If your have tight contacts then I would give tape floss a try. If you have dental bridge that gets food stuck under it. Then give super floss a go. It’s like finding the right pair of shoes. Sometimes you have to try a couple different pairs on to find your perfect match.

Why Some Floss Cost More Than Others

The next question is price. Why are some more expensive than others. This is my opinion but often you’ll pay a premium for design. That being color, shape, flavor options. To me it’s like a buying a car. You can have an affordable vehicle like a Kia or you can have a luxury BMW. Both vehicles will get you from point A to B but how would you prefer to ride. This is the same with floss. A great example of a premium floss is CocoFloss. This is a very nice floss. It is like a happy medium between floss tape and traditional floss. It also comes is fun fruity flavors that sound yummy enough to eat. (Amazon link)

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Hygienus Thoughts

Okay friends! I want to leave you with this. As a dental hygienist I would love to hear that you are flossing everyday. But as a mom, I want you to know that I understand and no judgement here if you don’t. I know ‘life’ is well umm ‘life’ so do your best, and find the floss that you know you’ll actually want to use. It can have flavor or no flavor. It can be traditional or come in colors. I just hope you give it a try. See you all in my next post!

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