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The Mission

My mission is to become a resource for all things dental and family life. I am a RDH (Registered Dental Hygienist), Mom and Military Wife.

I completely understand how challenging the day today adventures can be. I have been on both sides of the spectrum. Full time job, no child and full time job, with child. And both sides come with its pros and cons.

So I created this website as a place, a sanctuary if you will for help as it relates to dentistry and family life but from the perspective of a mom.

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Dental Hygiene School Tutoring Service

I also know how challenging a Dental Hygiene school program is. I spent many late nights crying. Yesssss, literally crying because I could not understand a topic and had no one outside of my instructors to help.

So I created this website to help my fellow future colleagues. No longer will you have to stay up late trying to understand a concept by yourself. Knowing you have an evaluation 1st thing in the morning.

No more frustrating nights wondering why you joined the dental hygiene program. And yes at least once in your schooling career, you will ask yourself this question.

So Let’s Get Through Dental Hygiene School Together!

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