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Choosing the best toothbrush

Choosing the best toothbrush can be challenging. With so many variations and varieties and styles. It’s no wonder it can get confusing. The first thing to remember is that picking a brush is going to be personal preference. Some like a certain type of design better than others or it may be price point that is the determining factor. But fear not my friend we’re going to explore this together. So let’s dive in!

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Types of Toothbrushes on the Market

The two most common types of toothbrushes on the market today are Manual and Electric. The truth is that it doesn’t matter the type of toothbrush you get. It is all about preference. As a dental hygienist I like to look at the person as a whole. For example, if the person has arthritis or some other dexterity issue then an electric toothbrush is going to be much more valuable to that person than someone without those particular concerns. Now on the same token if you or someone you know is not an avid toothbrusher, then I would also recommend an electric brush as the brush can take more strokes per minute then your hand.

Difference between Kid and Adult Toothbrushes

Is there really a difference between a child’s toothbrush and an adult toothbrush? The answer is yes and no. The materials that the brushes are made of are all the same. Major difference being mostly the size of the brush head and the length of the handle. Pediatric or kid patients need a toothbrush that can 1. Fit in their mouth, and 2. Can move around or adapt to smaller size teeth. Adults in much the same way need the same two things.

But, Adults don’t be afraid of choosing a child size toothbrush. I actually find that they make brushing much easier for adults too. The smaller head size can easily fit around the back teeth ( molars) and provide a more effective brushing experience. Because let’s admit it, we are older and don’t always spend the time necessary ( two minutes) brushing our teeth like we should. It’s okay, your secret is safe with me. Plus we’re all friends here anyway! So if you don’t mind having Paw Patrol or Batman or Barbie on your handle go ahead and try a child size toothbrush. It may just surprise you! Some examples are listed below.

Click the pic to check these toothbrushes out on Amazon!
Click the pic to check these toothbrushes out on Amazon!

Soft, Medium, or Hard

Soft, soft, soft, soft, soft! I can not say this enough. As a dental hygienist, the number one thing I’ve encountered is someone saying that they like the medium or the hard toothbrush because it gives a better clean. Nope! not correct at all. That thought is completely mental, like totally in your head. It sounds great. But once again, Nope! LOL. Medium and hard bristle brushes are marketing tactics by major corporations. They are in the business of pleasing the consumer so you continue to make purchases from them. Don’t be fooled. So when you walk into the store and see anything other than soft, in the words of Woody from Toy Story “Run like the wind Bullseye”.

Go ahead and try a child size toothbrush it may just surprise you.

-Hygienus thought

Hygenius Thoughts

Remember, choosing a toothbrush really is a personal preference. Some like wavy bristles and others like them all the same height. Some like larger toothbrush heads and others like smaller. Likewise, some will move towards electric and others will stay with the tried and true manual. Or you can be like me and have both because I like a little spice and variety in my life. The most important thing is to remember to brush. The goal is 2 times daily for 2 minutes. If you can do that then I already know your making your hygienist a happy person and your off to a great start with either improving or maintaining your oral health. And that’s all I have for you folks. See you in my next post!

For My Visual Learners –

The pictures below are examples of the types of toothbrushes by age. These are guides to help make toothbrush shopping for your little ones just a little bit easier. Because I mean who couldn’t use a little more “easy” in their lives.

Images of both manual and electric toothbrushes for children and adults alike. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

If you would like more information on choosing a toothbrush please check out this link from the American Dental Association (ADA)

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